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What is energosophy?

Energosophy was developed by Sonja Böhm. The word "energosophy" means "wisdom through energy work". It is an alternative method to classical homeopathy. In addition to the physical symptoms, the emotional aspect of the person is also taken into account during a session when finding the right DEVA ESSENCES.

Energosophy consists of three aspects: kinesiology, meridian/chakra balance (including releasing phrases) and the Deva essences.

Because of these three aspects many blockages are released and because of that it is possible for us humans to experience our lives CONSCIOUSLY and WITH JOY.


The so-called DEVA ESSENCES that I work with consist of globulis or salt crystals and contain ENERGETIC INFORMATION of their main substances such as arnica, chamomile, etc., of medications such as cortisone, paracetamol, etc. or vaccines such as tetanus.

During the special production of Deva Essences, the mental and spiritual energy of the substance used is activated by the true rhythm of the earth (rhythm 13).

Deva essences help our body to activate the body's self-healing powers. These essences have the ability to help our body cleanse itself of the energy changes that both vaccines and medications cause in it.


How does a session of energosophy work?

In a relaxed atmosphere, an initial consultation lasting around 30 - 45 minutes is held, during which the client has time to share his/her concerns, complaints, etc. As soon as the conversation is over and both parties have no more unanswered questions, the client lies down on a massage table. The certified energosopher (this is the name given to the person who has completed the 2-year training in energosophy) stands behind the client's head. Alternatively, the client can sit comfortably on the massage table. In that case The certified energosopher stands IN FRONT of the client. The session now begins, taking into account the 3 aspects on which energosophy is based.

During the entire session (duration max. 3 hours including conversation at the beginning of each session) the certified energosopher observes how the client is doing during the session and explains what he/she is doing if necessary.


How much does a session cost?

The price of a session is 40€ per hour.


Is energosophical support over distance possible in acute cases ?

Is a session over distance possible?

In acute cases, energosophical support is available via WhatsApp/SMS/Telegram or by telephone. The condition for this is that the client has the basic set of Deva Essences from Energosophy.

An energosophical session, i.e. kinesiological testing, meridian/chakra balancing, etc. is ONLY possible in person.

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