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Here you can see some feedback from clients who have had a treatment with me.

Although I have had many Reiki sessions.I am still amazed how pleasant the Reiki energy is. I felt relaxed and refreshed after every   Reiki session. I felt relaxed and refreshed after every Reiki session. I highly recommend a Reiki session at Inner Balance - Humanenergetik.

Mrs. St.

When Inner Balance - Humanenergetik recommended Jin Shyn Jyutsu to me,  I became curious because this kind of energetic treatment was unknown to me. Before the third session, I felt very sad and couldn't wait to receive my Jin Shyn Jyutsu session. After the 90-minute treatment, I felt a very strong relief in my heart that I could smile again. I highly recommend Jyn Shyn Jyutsu because the energetic therapist at Inner Balance - Humanenergetik always makes sure I'm fine before and after the treatment.

Mrs P.

Enlightening Reiki Experience with Raphael: An Insight into Healing Energy and Inner Balance

My journey with Reiki led me to an amazing experience with Raphael. Having already experienced two distant Reiki treatments, i got curious to experience a personal session with him. Already at our first meeting I felt a deeper intensity in the transmission of the energy. During the session I could literally feel the healing power, which I perceive as 'Qi' or 'Life Force', flowing through my body.

Raphael's recommendation of experiencing three timely sessions proved extremely valuable. Each session seemed to further deepen my connection to the energy and balance me on different levels. Being able to see for myself how my physical and emotional well-being improved after each session gave me a deeper understanding of how Reiki works.

I would highly recommend Raphael's treatments, especially if you are looking for an intense and effective Reiki experience.

I have found a true oasis of healing here that has complemented my Reiki experience with Raphael.

The best thing is that I have the opportunity to get in touch personally, be it for advice or to share my own thoughts and feedback.

Energetik Austria

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