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Namaste and Hello,

My name is Raphael and I have been on the path to self-healing with the help of Reiki, MET (=Meridian Energy Technique) etc. since 2008. Over time I have noticed how my life felt easier, although the challenges of life were getting more and more difficult . On the path of self-healing, I got to know a lot about myself, but also discovered that a lot of what I thought I was, mostly came from outside, e.g. education, previous lives, etc. With the help of Reiki, MET and many other holistic alternative tecniques, I have shed a lot of emotional baggage and have therefore moved closer and closer to a better version of myself. Even today in 2022 I am still learning a lot about myself and throwing off emotional baggage with the help of holistic alternative techniques  (Reiki, MET etc.). I have been working as a health care assistant in the health sector since 2012. Over the years, however, I have noticed that I want to support people in their healing process in a different way than just traditional medicine. Through my self-experiences, it became clear to me that healing must also take place in the conscious/subconscious and on an energetic-mental level in order to give the body the chance to experience maximum health. The self-experiences, the deep desire to support my fellow human beings with holistic alternative techniques in their healing process, finally led me to listen to my heart to become a human energetic specialist.

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